Su Shan Natural Testimonials


From Devin - Texas

"I received the calendar! Outstanding photography! Thank you for the wrapping and the personal card! Wishing you much success!”

From Pennie - Washington

“Five cards were mailed today and I already know how delighted 

my family & friends will be to have such a lovely unique card. Oh, Susan you lifted my spirits with your cards." 

From Bobbie - Puerto Rico

Thank you for being there. Looking forward to receiving my items!! I checked the website for Great concept - I have a family member birthday coming up and plan to use it. I've passed the information on to some of my friends and family. Keep up the good work!  Through combined efforts we CAN make a difference!”

From Jan - Connecticut 

"The cards came in yesterday and they are beautiful. My daughter loves them too; we were both fascinated when we realized the seeds were in the paper. Very creative!"

From Austin - Arkansas

“Just gave one of your seed cards away and everyone freaked out! Those really are clever.”

From Jana - Arkansas

“The cards are fun to watch. There are seven more buds today.”  

From Tres Alpaquitas - Peru

"We wholeheartedly thank you for the opportunity to work with Su Shan Natural and Heifer International because we can now help our children and families. 

We will continue to improve our work for the good of our families and community."